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billy and us

The other night it was Brooklyn, an emotionally-charged movie about an Irish lass immigrating to the USA. After a long day I love relaxing with a movie with Barby, just the two of us. Midway through this movie, however, I glimpsed a notification on my phone. Billy Graham had died. I told Barby. Barely a minute later our eyes connected, now a little moist and glistening - not because of Brooklyn, but because of Billy.

I was soon lost in the memories behind the glistening...

After trying to deepen a trans-pacific friendship by writing letters for three years, Barby and I decided to get together, at 20 and 19 years of age, at Urbana '79, a massive student conference in Illinois (USA). Every morning we heard John Stott open Romans and then on one evening we heard Billy Graham present the challenge of global mission. In those mornings, the quiet conviction settled on my life that God was calling me to be a preacher of his Word. There was even more drama going on in that one evening. A…

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